Anna Schultz is a Minneapolis-based photographer and book artist. Despite their campy overuse of queer motifs, such as rainbows, their work addresses serious issues of passing, autonomy, and erasure. Throughout their book and photo work, they utilize bright colors, cut paper, and soft fabrics as a way of visualizing queerness and tying together more disparate works.

The majority of their portrait work relies on communities that they have shared experiences with, but do not know personally. With autonomous representation at the forefront of their goals as an artist, they make a point to ensure that my subjects are comfortable during the photography process. With queer and otherwise marginalized folks so often being depicted as victims or are othered through their portrayal, they strive to end that narrative through their collaborative photographic process.

With an interest in relationships and intimacy, they work as a wedding photographer in addition to making more personal work. Their wedding work can be found here.